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CEP 11 [Complete European Patch] in FIFA 11

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What's happening guys ? Do you know what I got from soccergaming forum is ? Yap , the CEP 11 and absolutely it's for FIFA 11 only. CEP 11 released yesterday, but I share it today, not too late huh ? I got it from this address.

What is the feature in CEP 11 ?
- All 52 UEFA Leagues
- All 10 CONMEBOL leagues
- Best of AFC (Asia), CAF (Africa) and OFC (Oceania) leagues
- Continental Competitions (CAF Champions League, UEFA Champions Leagues, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Royal League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Supercup, AFC Champions League, O-League, etc) fully playable on Manager Mode
- EA Winter Roster Update and GSP Fix included in db
- Real Name for all stadiums
- Home and Away kits for all teams
- Minikits in EA Style
- CM Generated minifaces
- more than 150 tournaments, including leagues, cups, supercups, etc
- Scoreboards made by Zic and ANBSeth
- Grass Patch made by Regularcat
- AI w/ a db optimized for it (optional) made by Regularcat ( or

Installation Guide
- Download
- Decompress in the data folder
- Open FIFAMANIA's kitregenerator (or other regen tool) and regen
- Play.

Choose the Mirror

- Trophies, leaguelogos and logos made by Juan_007
- kits and minis made by Newmaker, Taraji, Shoneroma90, Regularcat, Calvarez, Deiver, Moaalves, Tazmany, Don_Tm, ariv, Lavezzi, Adricmb, Mvanegmond04, R.Boni, Celtian, Veggt, EmilianoVidela, Gutymann, Sebas, Leo_95, RafaelBG85, Richardo93, UjpestFC, Tomi17, S30SMejo, Juventino, Fifa-Croatia, Liv_Tyler, Mogolos,, virtual_razvan
- DB made by Darkvajo and Regularcat
- Countryflags made by Don_TM and Juan_007
- Scoreboards made by ANBSeth and Zic

Bugs !!
known bugs:
- If u look for a player with specific name (not all, just some) on transfer market on manager mode, it crashes due to the db size. Solution: look for them by team, not by name only (in the case it crashes).
- Qualifying for Europe ? QUALIFY In the game 1st.

if there are any more, report them here. we might update the db, might not. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


I installed it....and it is working fine...and its a great patch
but when i started a new manager mode...with Chelsea FC i can't see the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE IN IT....................
please tell where i can play it in Tournament Mode

is it first season ? if it was, you can't see the UCL, until you're the champions of EPL, and you can see in the next season. btw, thx for your comment

al jugar modo convierte en profesional sale deja de funcionar cuando termino el primer tiempo nunca q podido pasar al segundo


I'm already in my 3rd Year in Manager Mode..
does it have any affect in my game if I installed the patch now..?

or do I have to start all over again to year "0"..


sorry but also italian serie a and b are well done? how? whith logos and kits and minikits? in others leagues also goalkeepers have real kits? uefa leagues are all with logos and original kits? i have installed fifa superpatch 11 now i have to unistall it?

is this the last version of cep? when the last update? sorry for all these questions but i want to be sure if i'm right to uninstall fifa superpatch 11 in order to install cep! i would like to have a complete game with all teams well done with logos, kits,minikits and stadiums!!!! and why not........also with boots!!!!! please tell me something!

@ all anonymous : sorry but please don't post a comment with anonymous because i can't reply you, ok ?

sorry christhofer! could you tell me if also italian serie a and b are complete with real logos and kits? i would like to have a game complete with all teams well done with real logos, kits, stadiums and why not with a lot of real boots too! it's my dream! a game as near as the reality! i know it's difficult but this patch could be the answer! thank you......... tell me something.

@alexmaybe you have to install the Expansion Patch, not this patch

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