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Download UEFA Euro 2012

Hi guys today i wanna show you where to download Euro 2012. I know it's kinda late and lame, but since I just download it yesterday via torrent (aarrgh pirate pokerface) and It's worked and very good and I just wanna share in this blog. Before that how about some vids trailer and gameplay about this expansion FIFA 12 game.

So here we go

I prefer kickass torrent than Piratebay because in here there's so many seeders, hope u enjoy. And if you had any other request just comment it in the comment box below
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MESSI : The Cover of FIFA Street 4

FIFA Street 4 is coming baby ! And the latest news of this game is Messi is the cover star of FIFA street. Welcome Messi !!! And to make sure of it, you can watch the videos below

And below is the Messi for FIFA 12 Trailer made by Hjerpseth

Luckily we don't get this guy anymore .....

Come on man he just 3 Stars skills, what he got to be a freestyle footballer ?

Below is the video of FIFA Street :EA Sports got Messi  made by KSIolajidebt

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FIFA 12 : Top 10 Young and Cheap Player

Wanna search players that really chip, have a potential quality, and very young for your career mode ? You're not buying Neymar or Wilshere aren't you ? Because they're fucking young and fucking beast and fucking expensive as hell >I'll tell this name that aren't beast but had a potentiall to be a BEAST and cheap either . You'll see the name that very strange and not usual, it's because they're not popular yet. Actually they're playing in a small club, but they are glanced by professional club. Who are they ?

1. Terence Kongolo

The original player from Feyenoord, and has his popularity in UEFA EUROPA U-17 ago by scoring one goal into Germans net, yet the full time score is 5-2, and it makes Netherland win that cup for the first time ever !Terence cost 2,500,000 GBP or 2,900,000 EUR . 

2. Simon Bendetti
Right now he's playing in a club in Serie B named Gubio, he's just been transfered from Inter Milan. He's position is CB ( Center Back ), and also can play in position RB ( Right Back ). He's cost 6,000,000 GBP (6 million ), or 7,000,000 EUR

3. Panagiotis Tachtidisi
Has a 9 cap with Greece U-21. And now he's playing with Hellas Verona in a loaned status from Genoa .He's position is Center Attacking Midfielder (CAM) and he's beast at longshot with his LEFT foot. He had potential overall by above 80. He has worthy by 3,000,000 English Poundsterling/GBP

4. Nicolai Boilesen. Ajax [TESTED]
His age is 19 but he's playing with National Team in Denmark U-21, and Denmark senior. In FIFA 12 his starting overall is 70, but he has a potential to be >80. He worth 10 millions GBP. P.S he'll be freakin fast

5. Marchel Buchel
He's an AMC and a playmaker too, Marcel is currently in loan with Juventus. He's cost 4M GBP with his current rating 62, and probably had a potential to be up to 80

6. Lucas Piazon [TESTED]
If you have patch a Winter Transfer, you'll see this player on Chelsea (probably cost more). Lucas Piazon is like Kaka because he's an attacking midfielder (I used to use him as winger) cost 8 million GBP and had potential up to 85

7. Jonathan Williams, Crystal Palace [TESTED]
He's 17 and cost 3.5 M GBP. IMO this player is fucking good, recomended by me dude. trust me. He could be more than 80 in overall rating. 

8. Alexander Lacazette
He cost 3M and the overall can be more than 70 (R u fuckin' kidding me ?) I haven't tested yet, it kinda meh to me as well 

9. Bruno Uvini, Sao Paolo
A really good center back from Brazil but you have to pay more for this good player for 7M GBP, and he's current overall rating is 66 could be more than 85

10. Phillipe Coutinho
I forget about his transfer fee and his current overall rating, but he had a potential good as hell (Probably can more than 87), I don't know is he cheap or not I'm just forget, but I'll check it later. If you use the old roster, you'll found him in Internazionale, but if you use latest roster you'll see him in RCD Espanyol. 

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FIFA 13 Trailer and Kinect Gameplay

It's been a while since the last post in this blog and I'm coming back guys ! Sorry not active for almost 1 year in this blog, because I had a lot of exam and I'm super busy at it. But hey ! Have you watched the FIFA 13 first trailer ? If you haven't, then watch it, hope u enjoy.

Or maybe if you open this post in mobile you can check this link out

Good news for Xbox 360 user especially kinnect users, they can use the kinnect in FIFA 13 as well. But bad news is the kinnect is only for command voice, for more clearly watch this vid

with this voice command you can also insult the refree act, like : FOR F*** SAKE REFREE !! (This always happen when they allow offensive challenge, not fair man ! )

Thank you for read my freakin' post, I will post any other mods and patches in advanced. Stay Tuned !

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CRLP [Complete Romanian League in FIFA 12 made by FIFA - Infinity

First of all, thx so much to FIFA-infinity because they actually made this patch really success. And the source if you want to see the original one : . I'm just copy-paste the content of the article, that's all. So let's get start !

FIFA Infinity is back in business in the new season, being the first team who has created a fully authentic league patch for the newest game that is FIFA 12.After the last year succes of CRLP 11, we are back with an even better, more stable version of what you have played last time.Complete Romanian League Patch 12 – Volume 1 is our first step in trying to bring in your FIFA the unique feeling of Liga 1 Bergenbier.The first volume of CRLP 12 will bring the main features of the romanian championship in FIFA 12, plus many new key additions, in order to make sure your experience is indeed, unique. Embark on a 15 years Career and prove your player and manager skills, living moments that you have never had before. Making a closer look to our key features, we are very pleased to confirm the following content in CRLP 12 – v1:
• All 18 Liga 1 Bergenbier teams are fully licensed, containing:
– Up to date rosters (November 18th)
– Home, Away and 3rd kits (11/12 Season)
– High-Quality Logos
– Top notch minifaces
– Real Club Budgets
– Accurate player skills
– Real player heights, weights and birthdays
– Custom Team Tactics & Chants
• Romanian League and Cup featured in both Career Mode and Tournament Mode 
• Specific “Liga 1 Bergenbier” stadium adboards, team flags, scoreboards, official balls, and more
• Many other additions and touches to the game
• Small, fast, easy to use and beautiful looking patch installer
• Unfortunately, because several new teams have been added, your old career will not work anymore,you must start a new one !!!
1) After you have downloaded CRLP 12 – Volume 1, open the downloaded file (Complete Romanian League Patch 12 – Volume 1), starting this way the addon Installer.
2) Make sure to select your FIFA 12 Folder (not the “Game” one !!!) when asked to browse your main FIFA folder path. For example, if your FIFA is installed in “D:\Games\FIFA 12″, select this directory in the Installer box and wait until the process is being finished.
3) Enjoy the first authentic league patch for FIFA 12 !
In case you dont see the Liga I try the next steps:
 1) Go to “My Fifa -> Edit -> Edit Squads -> Reset Squads”
 2) Regenerate using iard86 Regenerator (1st option)
Chants Installation:
• Go to your FIFA 12 main folder, where you will find a folder called “Chants”. Copy all the folders located inside, and I repeat, inside this folder (not the folder itself) in your Windows “My Music” folder.
• When you are in game, find the “Customise FIFA” section -> “My Music & Chants” -> “Custom Music & Chants” -> “Leagues and Teams”
• Now, you are prompted in a place in which you will choose your desired league and team to import chants to. Navigate the section until you find Liga 1 and your favorite team. There, you will see a list with things likes “Stadium Entrance”, “Crowd Chant” etc. You will now have to replace both “Stadium Entrance” and “Crowd Chant” that are set to the “Default” playlist by simply clicking on “Default” and choosing the correct playlist, as you should see a list there aswell. For example, if you want to hear Rapid Bucharest anthem in the beginning of the match, go to “Stadium Entrance” section, you will see many files there and you have to search until you find “Rapid Imn”, select that one with the following option: “Apply to selected event” and do the same with the “Crowd Chant” section which is located below, by simply searching for “Rapid” playlist, applying it with the same “Selected Event” option and that’s pretty much it.
If you want to have chants for all teams (about 15 teams have at least one chant), you will have to repeat this last step for all of them. Do not forget that some teams do not have “Stadium Entrance” files, and Dinamo Bucharest has a specific “Team Goal” chant, which can be applied by going into the “Team Goal” section -> “Dinamo Gol” file -> “Apply to selected event”.
Scoreboard Bug: When you start a match and you see the previous match score in your scoreboard just pause and start the game and the SB will reset!

Media Section
• virtual_razvan – Database, kits, minifaces and GUI
• Damien – Database, minifaces and fonts
• The-Clau – Kits
• new maker – Kits
• mihai20cm – Kits
• mogolos – Kits
• darxxx – Balls
• LcK – Flags
• aragonel – Minifaces
• Merdiso – Team chants and installer programming
• ANBSeth – DigiSport ScoreBoard

! Special Thanks to Rinaldo for his amazing DB Master 12, jor1980 for his Texture Editor, Microsoft for Excel and many thanks to iard68 for his FIFA 12 Regenerator !
* You cannot re-upload this patch!You can redistribute this patch only and only using the link of the post! *
Please try to post in english so that everyone can answer your questions and help you with your problems of the patch!
If you find any bugs or want to help us improving the database please post bellow or contact us here!
Enjoy and have fun!

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FIFA 12 Freekick Tips and Trick

This is FIFA 12 freekick tutorial or maybe this is just tips and trick. So let check it out this video below first, then I'll tell you how to do the right free-kick. If you wanna see the completely tips and trick for FIFA 12 just go here 

So let me explain to you. There are 3 methods in freekick :

  1. Dipping FK
  2. Driven Curled FK, 
  3. Driven Curved FK

1. Dipping Free Kick ( 18 - 25 yards out )
The first thing you should do is choosing a right player that has high curve and FK Acc. stats ( Use RT/R2 to curved the shot ). Power doesn't really matter at this kind of kick. And the next thing you should now is if you faced in case like this :
- Left footer > Right of wall > aim between 2nd and 3rd player 
- Left footer > Left of wall  > aim between the heads of the 1st and 2nd players from the left of the wall 
- Right footer > Right of wall > aim between the heads of the 1st and 2nd players from the right of the wall
- Right footer > Left of wall > aim between 2nd and 3rd player

Finally, charge the power bar up to about just before the yellow, or around the beginning of the yellow if it's closer to 25 yards. You're aiming for it to drop into the bottom corner, so it doesn't need a whole lot. See the picture below for how much you should usually charge up to.

Last, as you shoot the ball, hold up on the left analog stick to apply dip. Try to make it go straight up so you get some nice downward curl. If everything else is done correctly, this should be the easiest part and your shot will drop nicely out of reach of the keeper.
Watch this video, to take understood more clearly

2. Driven Curled Freekick. ( 27 - 35 yards out )
There are times when dipping fk is too far. So in this cased we have to try to curled the ball around the wall with this kind of freekick. You can only do this if the preferred foot of the player corresponds to the side of the goal that the wall is blocking. For example, Van Persie, a left footer, can do this well if the wall is blocking the left side of the goal, and the keeper is leaving it open. This way, he can just curl it around the wall, but it wouldn't work so well if he tried to curl it left around a wall blocking the right side of the goal. So, aiming is pretty self explanatory. We're aiming to curl the ball around the wall, so aim just to the side of it.

It's just depend on the power. If you are on the 27 yard, the bar just goes on like this

see ? If it's 30 yard it will be more harder, and the bar have to charge more. Last, you need to apply curve in whatever direction you're curving so that it makes it around the wall. If you think you put on a bit too much power, it can help to point the analog stick to the side AND down. It's tougher than the dipping free kick, but equally as effective and awesome to watch  the ball fly in.
Take more clearly by watching this video below

3.Driven Free Kick
This is the hardest freekick way. but definitely the most spectacular when done correctly. The Driven Free kick is for when you're way out and you still think you've got a shot at scoring. Everything is critical when you do this, aiming, power and how quickly you can apply the dip. When selecting a kick taker, you probably shouldn't even try this one if you don't have a kick taker with a power level in the high 80s. Personally, I've ever only scored this with players who have above 90 power, which is quite rare. As far as aiming goes, see the chart above for the dipping free kick, this is no different.
For power, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint because of all the different areas you can try this from. On average, I'd say you should be powering up to just before the orange zone. See the picture below for a graphical description
Like the dipping free kick, you need to apply dip (push up on the analog stick) after powering up so that you get it to dip down into the goal. Don't forget this, as it's nearly impossible to score one of these with no dip.

Look at this vids, to take understand more clearly

4. Power Free Kick
Actually it's just the optional, it's not really that effective to make a goal, in fact this is FK is really hard and a luck to make this freekick succeed. Anyway just go on to this video to know how this fk works.

Thanks a lot to FIFA Encyclopedia to make the tutorial and Barcaboy to make the videos
FIFA Encyclopedia :
Barcaboy Channel :

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How to Customise Chants Tutorial

The new feature in FIFA 12 is to customise our favorite club's chants. But some people needs to know step by step to customise chants, check this out to know how to customise chants in FIFA 12, enjoy:

1. Download sounds of supportes that you want to insert to FIFA 12, here to download :

2. Make a playlist in Windows Media Player. If you don't have WMP, download it here

3. Open your FIFA 12, then choose: customise FIFA >> my music & chants >> customise music and chants >> leagues & teams

4. Select the club that you want to change it's chants. Then select the event that the chants you want to inserted. Automatically FIFA 12 will read the playlist that just we have made

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FIFA 12 Arabic Commentary

As I said in this post, there will be arabic commentary in FIFA 12, but the truth is we can't have arab commentary in any region besides Arab itself. But we still wanna arab commentary in any other ways, right ? So I will tell you how to unlock this arabic commentary.

Step 1 :
Download BLACKBOX here : 

password :

Step 2 :
Regenerate the files with FIFA12i68Regenerator :

Notice :
1. Change the destination file into , e.g. c:/program files/fifa 12/game. 
2. If it was c:/program files/fifa 12/game/myprog, delete the myprog text 

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