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FIFA 11 ETGD Final

FIFA 11 Erevos Transformed Database Gameplay a.k.a ETGD. is out now for a final version ! ETGD FinaL, its clearly the best version of all ETGD's in every aspect, you will find the realism in every pass, body fight, shoot etc, the gameplay is absolutely free, you can dribble with just the direction buttons of course if you control a good dribbler, CPU will not be a cheat AI, CPU will play you like a
real football team, with weakness and mistakes, you will often receive yellow card for a hard standing tackle and many countless little things will make you feel like this is actualy the FIFA 11 of your dreams!!

This is what Erevos say : "I recomended for ETGD FinaL to be played in Legendary/slow, do not change Custom Tactics and play ETGD FinaL without any other gameplay patch/mod, for full expirience."

Download Link >> Manual >> Automatic

Instructions for manual install

1. install GSP FIFA 11 Patch v2.0 - Greece Superleague and Marfin Laiki
2. put the two files of ETGD FinaL in Games\FIFA 11\Game\data\db (if you use the installer ignore the step "2." )
3. in game RESET ALL SQUADS 3 times
4. comment in this thread your reviews/opinions!

thanks to mogolos and GSP team

ETGD FinaL Features:

- Variety in everything
- Unpredictability
- A total different Gameplay
- CPU goalkeepers like you never saw them
- CPU do alot more often tricks
- Every match is different
- Every goal and attack is different
- Referee's are more strict
- Players size is smaller
- CPU is unpredictable
- No more easy 1 on 1 goals
- More long shots/goals
- Lots of transfers/formation/lineups updated
- All teams will play in a unique way
- ETGD FinaL contains GSP's fix for double teams

ETGD FinaL can be called also a "fix patch" for FIFA 11:

- the dump GK's are gone
- the always perfect standing tackles, passes and ballcontrols are gone
- pathetic defence is gone
- 1 on 1 situations are now occur after really great combinations, you realy have to try hard
- 99% succes of lob passes is gone too
- longshots are an actual threat
- fast/arcade gameplay is gone, now CPU will make backpasses in his defence and he will organized his game in the midfield.
- lesser crossings

and more things that i dont remember right now.

- GSP FIFA 11 Patch v2.0 - Greece Superleague and Marfin Laiki iincludes EA's transfers patch so as ETGD FinaL
- ETGD FinaL will broke in key parts if you combine it with other gameplay patches
- ETGD FinaL isnt compatible for oficial online play

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