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EA Release the FIFA 12 Cover

Finally EA release the cover for FIFA 12, and now the stars are Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere. This is the 7th time Rooney appear as the fifa cover, and why it's always Rooney ? I don't know don't ask me. While Wilshere is the fisrt time to be cover FIFA. Congrats Wilshere ! But this cover just released for UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, and middle east. Eventually FIFA 12 release in September 27 in US, and September 30 in EU. well done EA ! And I got news that there will be the arabic commentaries, did you ever heard how arabic commentaris was ? It's very hilarious and really make you satisfied, because the arabic commentaries usually yelling when goal comes is very very long, like GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!! Wuw hilarious or usually they scream like very very excited ! Look at this vid

Crazy ?? that what I think too. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


i'm afraid to tell u that this video's commentary ISNOT arabic it's mexican , brazillian or something search well before saying it's arabic commentary

Oh well I'm so sorry, at the first time i suspicious about this video. So sorry, I'll fix it ASAP. Thx for the comment

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