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FIFA 12 NEWS : PC = Console

PC equals Console, that's the rumour, that's what I want to talk about.

For you, read this news below

Sensational news: It looks like, the upcoming FIFA 12 PC version identical to FIFA 12 console version!

FIFA 12 for a report, the Polish games online magazine an interview with FIFA 12 line producer David Rutter has performed. In it Rutter said the FIFA 12 PC version, as follows:

"Rzeczywiście, line producer jako mam wreszcie możliwość nadzorowania prac nad wszystkimi trzema wersjami PlayStation FIF-y i Moge zapewnić, że ciezko pracujemy i robimy, co w naszej mocy, aby w tym roku edycja PC byla taka sama jak na dokładnie Xboksa 360 i 3 . (Quote by David Rutter at

("In fact, as a line producer I'm finally in a position to monitor the work on all three versions of FIFA and I can assure you that we work hard and do everything we can to make this year the PC Version will be the same as the Xbox 360 - and PlayStation 3 version).

If this were real, would be FIFA 12, the first FIFA since the release of the Xbox 360, which will include the PC has the same features as the console versions. Thus would finally get the PC players to enjoy the console features, especially the new physics engine that has been announced for FIFA 12th

Source: Gry Online

Thanks to spring and gimli217-c of our comments for the information!

Please note in this context, our FIFA 12 First Look Event report the first detailed information about the new features in FIFA 12th

 Now the leaked FIFA 12 video

The real prove about FIFA 12 PC = Console
As a proud EA GameChanger and regular visitor to EA's Vancouver studios over recent years, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a special Webcast for community members recently. The Webcast was delivered by EA SPORTS gameplay gurus Aaron McHardy and Santiago Jaramillo, with Romily Broad supporting from behind the scenes.

BIG news - all features described here will also be available on the PC!
The 4 BIG new Gameplay features include:
1. Tactical Defending
2. Precision Dribbling
3. Impact Engine
4. Pro Player Intelligence

"This year I'm once again with the task of being the Producer of FIFA12 for the PC and I've just join the team of consoles (Xbox 360 / PS3), where I am the producer in charge of Presentation and Rendering. I am increasingly busy, very busy!"

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