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Record Your FIFA Gameplay with FRAPS

Do you ever wornder to record your fantastic goal, and upload it to youtube ? Well, to record it, we have to use a programs. This program called "FRAPS". What is FRAPS ? Fraps is software that allow you to record antoher program that use FPS time, such as videos/movies , games, video on youtube, and so on. Fraps can also take a picture or we now say it screenshot. Do you ever hear Hypercam ? Well Hypercam and fraps it's a little same, but hypercam can't record the FPS program.


Ok, now. How to use it ? It's easy. Very very easy I think.

- If you want to start to record, press F9 button. And if you want to end it, press F9 button again.
- If you want to screenshot (take a picture), press F10 button

Some of my video that use fraps
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