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Erevos Transformed Gameplay Database Revolution [ ETGD Revolution ]

This is the revolutionary of FIFA, and I present to you the ETGD - Revolution ! Basically this gameplay is from ETGD Final and like usually it's also one packed with GSL , let's see the features :

* A whole new difficult, but Fair & Fun in the same time
* CPU Corners now will actually be a threat with a mix of crossing executions
* CPU Tricks & Feints and most importand usefull ones
* CPU build up is now real, with all kind of passes, with mistakes etc.
* Players now are alive, with constant move, reactions
* Crossings will now be a threat too.
* All the promoted/relegated teams
* All known transfers until now!
* Better passing for big teams
* Every goal is different
* Strong defence
* Contains the doubled teams fix by mogolos + GSP

Advices to have the full expierence with ETGD:

- dont use any other gameplay patch or product.ini
- play in legendary/slow
- dont change custom tactics/formations

Instructions for install

* ETGD Revolution is a STANDALONE gameplay patch, that means dont combined Revo with any other gameplay patch!
* ETGD Revolution is a gameplay patch that needs GSL v2.0 by GSP team to work!

1. install GSP FIFA 11 Patch v2.0 - Greece Superleague and Marfin Laiki
2. put the two files of ETGD Revolution in \FIFA 11\Game\data\db
3. Regenarate with Fifa11 i68Regenerator 1.5, or in game RESET ALL SQUADS 3 times

thanks to mogolos, Mike and the whole GSP team

ETGD Revolution Link

ETGD Revolution
Link 1 ETGD Revolution Transfers UPDATE 1
Link 2 ETGD Revolution Transfers UPDATE 1

and as i promised...

ETGD Revolution Default Height Version!
ETGD Revolution Transfers UPDATE 1 contains:

- Updated Transfers until 30/72011
- Added "Contract Until" info & squad numbers in 90% of the Transfers
- Updated Formations/starting 11's Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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