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S1lverfox's FIFA 11 Manager Mode Overhaul

Hello guys ! So this guy, S1lverfox, is one of great man in FIFA history, why ? He's a legend man trust me, for an almost long year we play career mode with bad experience because of this : the mentality of player getting down even if we are winning, so hard to do the transfer, and the reputation of manager is too hard to increase it. That's why i introduce this patch. WTF ! this patch solve all those problem ! Taken from here >>, check that link !

Quick Feature Overview:

- Lots and lots of transfers.

- Players values and wages are more realistic.

- Top clubs are more ambitious in signing players.

- Transfer and Wage Budgets tighter and more success-dependent.

- Keeping players happy and the team together is more important.

- Players don't get fatigued as quickly.

- Board confidence is more dynamic.

Managerial reputation increases more quickly.

Below is the more detailed list of changes:


More players available for transfer and loan. In any window you are likely to see 460-560 players listed for transfer and 90-140 available for loan.

Better players available for transfer and loan. This frequently includes including top European players (e.g. 84-77 rating). Additionally you can finally loan a few decent players (e.g. 79-69 rating).

More transfers completed by AI clubs. It's not unusual to have 300-400 transfers go through per transfer window.

Big money signings. Major clubs splash out on players, sometimes spending 18-30 million on individual players.

Number of players leaving on free transfers reduced. Previously it was too easy to build a club solely on free transfers.

Smaller clubs (e.g. Irish league clubs) should now be able to sign players.Previously i'd experienced problems signingANYONE as human player with these clubs as the game imposed a minimum club prestige threshold.

Transfer signings are now much more appropriate. Top clubs are now much, much less likely to sign 34 year-old past-it championship dross and much more likely to sign players who will actually improve the squad, or at least get into the first team.

Players are more picky about which club they want to join. If you aren't big enough for them then they're much less likely than before to stoop to your level.

AI teams bid less often for human's transfer-listed players. Previously the AI was far too keen to bid for whatever rubbish you put up for sale. They still are, but less so.

Greater variety of bid sizes. The AI is likely to offer you smaller amounts than previously, although there is a small but significant chance of them offering a larger fee.

Players transfer values are now more reflective of real-life asking prices. This is one of the areas where i've spent the most time and effort (many, many hours) researching and tweaking values. The values should be approximately correct however please note that FIFA's insistence on giving some players additional 'international prestige' value means that some players are hideously overpriced relative to their age, e.g. Frank Lampard, Didier Droga, David Villa.

Some more detail:

Old players are significantly less expensive. Their value starts to drop rather dramatically after the age of 32. Also, due to a quirk of FIFA's value calculation some quality older players may be available or nothing or virtually nothing. Sometimes this is actually pretty realistic, sometimes it is not. Unfortunately there's not a whole lot I can do about this without making a great deal of older players have values of 10M+.

Young players are much, much more expensive. Don't get me wrong, there are still some deals to be had out there, but clubs no longer stupidly underestimate the value of their youngsters. Youth is at a premium and values rise sharply with ability.

Player values are now affected to a greater degree by the length of their contract. This can affect them by as much as +/- 35% of their overall value.

Player values are now affected more by players current form. Players in good form will see sharp value rises, players in poor form will depreciate.


Squad size restrictions are looser. You now MUST have at least 19 players, while can have a maximum of 99 players.

The power of ticket sales has been reduced. Previously clubs earned far too much money from gate receipts.

Wage budgets are tighter. Expect to have to work with a margin of an extra 10-15% of your current wage bill. If you want more you'll have to either prove yourself or free up wages by selling players.

Budgets are much more dependent on success. Achieving or surpassing your League, Cup and European obligations will get you a bigger wage budget.

Cup rewards have been adjusted. The value of all league cups has been nerfed considerably. However the Champions League and Euro Cup have both been given boosts based on their real life value.

Promotion and Relegation has a bigger impact on your budget. However note that i'm using values that make most sense in the context of English football.

Player wages completely overhauled, now generally more reflective of real life. A players wage is now roughly equivalent to their weekly wage in real life. A middling premier league club should have a wage budget at the start of the game of around 840,000 per week, which equates to 42,000,000 per year. Top, top clubs should be looking at 2,000,000 per week, which equates to over 100M in wages per year.

Different wages for different positions. The difference in wages between players in different positions has been adjusted to better align with real world values.


Players starting fitness and morale is much more variable. This is to reflect the fact that in real life a new season is something of a blank slate and it's not always easy to tell who is going to impress this time around.

Players recover fatigue quicker. Because seriously, in the previous version everyone got exhausted all the time.

Fitness upgrades are less important. They do have an effect, but the differences are no longer as large, relatively-speaking, between small clubs and large clubs. Remember that good/poor players relative fitness levels are already reflected in their stamina rating.

Requirements for excellent/good/normal/poor/bad form have all been adjusted. Now players should mostly have average form, with a greater variety of form levels among the rest.

Players now receive a minor boost to morale when fully or almost fully fit. This is partially to encourage squad rotation and emphasize the value of putting fresh players into the action.

Players get slightly more upset when not being played, or not making the bench. However players get a slightly higher morale boost when in the starting 11.

Morale bonuses/penalties increased for winning a losing streaks. Both have more of an effect on team's morale. Now teams who in real life would be considered in 'free-fall' have a crushing morale penalty, while teams that would seem almost invincible get an almost as large bonus. Helpfully, this seems to help better regulate the form of AI teams, especially the super clubs.

Morale and fatigue penalties now longer affect defending. This was done because in my experience low morale kept leading to frustrating and unrealistic goals, where for example players would jostle with a striker for 15 yards and be unable to tackle. In any case the game already competently simulates tiredness in players. However tired and/or disheartened teams still have their attacking somewhat nerfed.

Players gel more slowly and the team's chemistry is more easily disrupted. Seriously, don't sign too many players. For years now I've blithely ignored team togetherness and signed bundles of players each transfer season. However I started playing with these new values and after bringing in 11 new players over the summer my title-winning team went into a slump like I've never experienced in all my manager mode playing time. The game will now actually punish you for disrupting your team \o/


Scouting is more expensive. Before it was a ludicrously inexpensive undertaking.

Scouting success rate has been nerfed. You are now far, far less likely to uncover players. This is because the game almost invariably generates a disproportionate number of quality scouted players. Now they should be much rarer, but still easily worth it when you find one. However expect some no-show scouting trips along the way!

Player growth curves adjusted. They are now more reflective of the values found in Football Manager 2011, whose interpretation I trust more.

Old players diminish quicker. This is to counter what seemed to happen previously, which is that rafts of brilliant oldies clogged up free transfers.

Players on average form diminish slightly, rather than improve. This is to reflect the fact that players who simply seem to turn up and perform a role seem to diminish somewhat over the years, even when they should be in their prime. I can think of countless examples. Keep your squads fresh! Don't tolerate mediocre space-fillers! 

More regens. The chance of regens appearing at any club has been increased by 400%. No longer do teams fill up with old pros.

Youth players growth nerfed. Unfortunately the game creates too many top youngsters with far too high ability levels. It's not uncommon to see half a dozen 19 to 21 year olds who are the FIFA equivilent of Messi, Ronaldo, Pele, Maradonna and Di Stefano. To counter this i've altered the growth curve of young players to hamper and even decrease their stats (especially physicals).

Players retire later. Players now start to consider retirement at 34 and will keep plugging away up to the age of 42 if they feel so inclined. Hopefully this should stop the problem of 32 year old star players retiring so often...


Injury durations increased. Injuries are much more punishing. You will need to build a deeper squad than previously. Any injury is essentially a serious occurrence and your player will always be out for at least two weeks, and at most six months. No more players being injured then instantly recovering.

Injuries have a greater impact on form and fitness. Injured players will suffer more from being injured and are far less likely to simply pick up where they left off.


A career can now last 99 years if you really want it to.

A more dynamic confidence bar. On the whole it is harder to raise the confidence bar higher, especially if you are managing a team that is expected to win the league etc. However things have been simplified. In order to get fired you need to have a 10% approval rating. In order to be adored you need to get 90%.

Your reputation rises more quickly. I remember in the original version of FIFA 11 your reputation rose too quickly. Then after the patch it rose too slowly. Hopefully I've found a middle way. Your reputation rises very quickly at first, but getting those last few half stars is damn tricky.

You no longer lose all your reputation when you are fired.

Winning and losing games changes your reputation faster than before.

Your manager starts with a higher reputation.


All player attributes increased by 20% during career mode matches. You won't see this in their actual rated attributes, however you will almost certainly notice it in-game. This has been done because I was sick of FIFA's implicit assumption that non-world class players in the game must be shoddy footballers. Now you should be able to get a decent game at any level of football. Additionally it makes for more spectacular moments of play and makes the top AI teams very difficult to handle indeed. If you are not playing with a top club you will notice the gulf in class when playing against one!

Commentators now are more fair when talking about your players form. I always used to think it was bizarre how they kept picking on half of my constantly-winning side until I checked the requirements for good form, which were stratospherically high. Seriously, players at Barcelona in their current pomp would struggle to meet those expectations.

More changeable AI Team Lineups. The AI will now rotate players more frequently rather than playing it's strongest lineup for every game. For their least important games (e.g. early stage Cup matches) they may even put out a severely weakened side.

Greater frequency of flicks and tricks. I've told the computer to try it more often and it seems to work. Now even the more average players are likely to try something once in a while.

Installation Instructions
1. Download and install FIFA 11 File Master (Download HERE).

2. Download the following file somewhere you can remember:

3. Open up File Master. On the left hand side find wherever your FIFA 11 is installed (usually C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 11) and click on 'Game', then a file called data0.big (it should be highlighted in blue).

4. Find a file called 'career.ini' in the right hand screen. Scroll down if you need to. Press on this file and press the little button up the top left with a green arrow pointing out of folder. If you hover over it, it should say 'export'. Save the file somewhere safe.

5. Delete career.ini

6. Press F5 or the 'import' button (a red arrow pointing into a folder) and find the file career.ini you just downloaded. Import it.

7. Load up Fifa 11.

8. Enjoy. 


Please, for the love of god, don't start complaining if you don't see many transfers during the first season, or think that the players values are a bit off.

I am fully aware of this!

Unfortunately for reasons unknown to me the 1st transfer window has a few unique properties:

> Very few players are transferred, typically 8-18 in total.

> Player values are very off. Some players are as much as 50% more expensive then they should be or will be in any future transfer window.

> Big rival clubs will sign any reserve team rubbish you put up for sale (*sigh*).

> No European football (seriously, WTF...).

There is absolutely nothing I can do about all this!

However there is a workaround if this annoys you too much. Personally I like to skip the first season entirely. Here's how:

1. Find the modified 'career.ini' file and open it.

2. Search for FIRED_AT (line 38) and replace the present value with 99

(OPTIONAL) 2a) Search for INITIAL_MANAGER_REPUTATION and change the value to any number between 1 and 100. Note that every 10 is the equivalent of half a star of your manager's reputation. To give you a sense of scale, typically top European clubs require a reputation of between 60-100 to want to hire you, Barcelona and Real Madrid require approximately 100.

3. Save it. Then load the new career.ini file into your game as before.

4. Load up Fifa and start a Manager Mode career.

5. Auto-sim your first game. It should say 'simulating rest of season' and tell you you've been sacked. Pick a new club to start at, save the game and then quit.

6. Reopen up the modified career.ini file and change the value of FIRED_AT from 99 back to 10

7. Load the career.ini file into FIFA as per usual.

8. Load up FIFA and your Manager Mode and enjoy your first fully-functional season.

Also don't forget to check the Transfer Summary to find out about the biggest transfers!

- Some Screenies -

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Gimana caranya buat simulating rest of season

@Farhan di manager mode, klik next match, trus klik sim next match, gitu aja koq susah

@Farhanapanya yg ga bisa gan, ga ngerti ane

Itu simulatingnya di friendly match ya

this work with hungarian FIFA?
If i install this patch then can i play in hungarian language or only english?

@b0jan what do you mean ? I think this patch apply all of the league

if i install the expansion patch v1.6 then my fifa deleting the hungarian language and i can play only in enlish language.
with this patch deleting too?

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