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FIFA 12 Real Grass by 2pi

2pi is back with his new action at modding. Now he made a new patches about the grass. Yeah, I thought FIFA 12's grass is very good, there's no defect at all. But 2pi make it more perfect than before.

In this patch you can update 4 model for the FIFA 12 Pitch – Chose What you want, all depending on you.
1. real grass mod v.0 (All Change) : It made a changes for FIFA 12 Grass Color, Pattern and Texture.
2. real grass mod v.0 (Color Changes): it change only FIFA 12 Grass color.
3.real grass mod v.0 (Pattern Changes): it changes only fifa 12 pattern.
4. real grass mod v.0 (Texture Changes); it changes only the FIFA 12 pitch texture.
To Instalation, Read the instruction on the file, Very Simple..

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