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FIFA 12 Freekick Tips and Trick

This is FIFA 12 freekick tutorial or maybe this is just tips and trick. So let check it out this video below first, then I'll tell you how to do the right free-kick. If you wanna see the completely tips and trick for FIFA 12 just go here 

So let me explain to you. There are 3 methods in freekick :

  1. Dipping FK
  2. Driven Curled FK, 
  3. Driven Curved FK

1. Dipping Free Kick ( 18 - 25 yards out )
The first thing you should do is choosing a right player that has high curve and FK Acc. stats ( Use RT/R2 to curved the shot ). Power doesn't really matter at this kind of kick. And the next thing you should now is if you faced in case like this :
- Left footer > Right of wall > aim between 2nd and 3rd player 
- Left footer > Left of wall  > aim between the heads of the 1st and 2nd players from the left of the wall 
- Right footer > Right of wall > aim between the heads of the 1st and 2nd players from the right of the wall
- Right footer > Left of wall > aim between 2nd and 3rd player

Finally, charge the power bar up to about just before the yellow, or around the beginning of the yellow if it's closer to 25 yards. You're aiming for it to drop into the bottom corner, so it doesn't need a whole lot. See the picture below for how much you should usually charge up to.

Last, as you shoot the ball, hold up on the left analog stick to apply dip. Try to make it go straight up so you get some nice downward curl. If everything else is done correctly, this should be the easiest part and your shot will drop nicely out of reach of the keeper.
Watch this video, to take understood more clearly

2. Driven Curled Freekick. ( 27 - 35 yards out )
There are times when dipping fk is too far. So in this cased we have to try to curled the ball around the wall with this kind of freekick. You can only do this if the preferred foot of the player corresponds to the side of the goal that the wall is blocking. For example, Van Persie, a left footer, can do this well if the wall is blocking the left side of the goal, and the keeper is leaving it open. This way, he can just curl it around the wall, but it wouldn't work so well if he tried to curl it left around a wall blocking the right side of the goal. So, aiming is pretty self explanatory. We're aiming to curl the ball around the wall, so aim just to the side of it.

It's just depend on the power. If you are on the 27 yard, the bar just goes on like this

see ? If it's 30 yard it will be more harder, and the bar have to charge more. Last, you need to apply curve in whatever direction you're curving so that it makes it around the wall. If you think you put on a bit too much power, it can help to point the analog stick to the side AND down. It's tougher than the dipping free kick, but equally as effective and awesome to watch  the ball fly in.
Take more clearly by watching this video below

3.Driven Free Kick
This is the hardest freekick way. but definitely the most spectacular when done correctly. The Driven Free kick is for when you're way out and you still think you've got a shot at scoring. Everything is critical when you do this, aiming, power and how quickly you can apply the dip. When selecting a kick taker, you probably shouldn't even try this one if you don't have a kick taker with a power level in the high 80s. Personally, I've ever only scored this with players who have above 90 power, which is quite rare. As far as aiming goes, see the chart above for the dipping free kick, this is no different.
For power, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint because of all the different areas you can try this from. On average, I'd say you should be powering up to just before the orange zone. See the picture below for a graphical description
Like the dipping free kick, you need to apply dip (push up on the analog stick) after powering up so that you get it to dip down into the goal. Don't forget this, as it's nearly impossible to score one of these with no dip.

Look at this vids, to take understand more clearly

4. Power Free Kick
Actually it's just the optional, it's not really that effective to make a goal, in fact this is FK is really hard and a luck to make this freekick succeed. Anyway just go on to this video to know how this fk works.

Thanks a lot to FIFA Encyclopedia to make the tutorial and Barcaboy to make the videos
FIFA Encyclopedia :
Barcaboy Channel :

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