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FIFA 13 Trailer and Kinect Gameplay

It's been a while since the last post in this blog and I'm coming back guys ! Sorry not active for almost 1 year in this blog, because I had a lot of exam and I'm super busy at it. But hey ! Have you watched the FIFA 13 first trailer ? If you haven't, then watch it, hope u enjoy.

Or maybe if you open this post in mobile you can check this link out

Good news for Xbox 360 user especially kinnect users, they can use the kinnect in FIFA 13 as well. But bad news is the kinnect is only for command voice, for more clearly watch this vid

with this voice command you can also insult the refree act, like : FOR F*** SAKE REFREE !! (This always happen when they allow offensive challenge, not fair man ! )

Thank you for read my freakin' post, I will post any other mods and patches in advanced. Stay Tuned !

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