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CRLP [Complete Romanian League] in FIFA 11 made by FIFA - INFINITY TEAM

What is Romanian League ? (Wikipedia EN) (Wikipedia ID)

Overview :
FIFA-Infinity proudly presents one of the best addons ever created for FIFA. CRLP (Complete Romanian League Patch) is a stunning addon which introduces the first Romanian League, "Liga 1 Bergenbier" in your favorite game.
The first volume of CRLP will bring the main features of "Liga 1 Bergenbier" in FIFA 11, in order to make sure your experience is unique. Embark on a 15 years Career and prove your manager skills in the brand new "Liga 1 Bergenbier" Championship. Making a closer look to our big patch, you'll get the following content in CRLP v1:
• All 18 first league teams are fully licensed:
- Up to date rosters
- Home, Away and 3rd kits
- High-Quality Logos
- Top notch mini's
- Over 40 detailed player faces
- Real Club Budgets
- Accurate player skills
- Real player heights, weights and birthdays
• Romanian League featured in Manager Mode
• Both Romanian Cup & SuperCup present in Manager Mode
NOTE: If you start your first Manager Mode Season with CFR Cluj or Unirea Urziceni, you will have to fight for the first trophy of the season, in the Romanian SuperCup Final. Win it, and get a morale boost for your players, because a very difficult season awaits them all.
• FIFA Club World Cup featured in your Manager Mode Career
• Specific "Liga 1 Bergenbier" stadium adboards, team flags and official balls
• Revamped Romanian National Team
• Many other additions and touches to the game

1) After you have downloaded CRLP 11 Volume 1, open the file (CRLP 2011 Volume 1 - v1.01), starting this way the addon Installer.
2) Be sure you select FIFA 11 Folder when asked to browse your main FIFA folder path. For example, if FIFA is installed in "D:/Games/FIFA 11", select this directory in the Installer box. Uncheck Desktop Shortcut in following window.
3) After the installation is complete, FIFA 11 Regenerator, which is included in the package, will load up automatically, analyzing the game files that must be modified.
4) This process will finish when you will be able to press "GO" button. Do so and then wait.
5) The regenerating process is now completed, so you can now enjoy CRLP. We Are 11 !!!

Some Screenshot

Download Link
CRLP FIFA 11 Volume 2 == Download
CRLP FIFA 11 Volume 1.1 == Download

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Special Thanks to FIFA Infinity Team
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