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FIFA 11 Slovenian League Patch by tomi17

Ok here is the source : So all credits belong to him, tomi17.

About Slovenian League (EN Wikipedia)

This patch contains
All 10 first division teams SI
All players, jerseys, balls, billboards
Flag supporters, club emblems, balls, stadiums names ...

Installation Guide
1. Extract and PLS11.exe
2. Specify the folder where you installed the game FIFA 11 and select a subfolder Game
3. Example: C: \ Games \ FIFA 11 \ Game \
4. Let you install add, then go to your FIFA 11 \ Game \ and run FIFA11Regenerator.exe
5. Wait until your program generates all bh files may take a few minutes.
6. When everything is completed, the Premier League SI Appendix installed and ready to play!

Possible Errors
1. The menu is not displayed correctly the relationship between teams (ie, rating, stars), otherwise all the teams in the correct ratio!
2. As soon as possible will be corrected.
3. After the installation allowance you probably will not work over a saved game that you played so far (tournaments, manager mode ,...)
4. Since I do not know how it is when it is completed first season in manager mode, I do not know how the team will be coming in the first league and what happens to teams who drop out of the league.
5. Once this is completed, I will add teams from other leagues (Mura, Manchester, Aluminium ,...)

Download Link (19.63 MB) =

Matej Kotnik (
Thomas Lesjak (tomaz.lesjak @


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