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How to make scoreboard

Hello everyone. Now I want to tell you how to make scoreboard. Ok so this scoreboard tutorial has 2 kind of tutorial, for expert and for newbie. For the expert is people who knows programming and IT, and newbie is like (just use tools) you know what I mean ! For expert one, here is the link . << (This tutorial is made by ANBSeth, all credits belong to him).

For the newbie ! ( is it u ?), I bring you the scoreboard tool; FHL Scoreboard Tool. Ok so I found this amazing tool at this link .
Here is the video tutorial

The makers of this tool names Bernd. All credits belong to him.

Download Link for FHL-Scoreboard-Tool..
Download Mirror

I admit that I use this tool, and this was pretty amazing tool.
Some of my scoreboard that use this tool

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