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Download fifa11 i68kitmanager by iard68

This tool is for importing kits. So if you have the kit image with extension .png, you can do the patch by import it.
i68 Kit Manager is a new concept utility realised in a way that you will have to do very few operations to import kits in FIFA 11. You all know that FIFA 11 stores in a single rx3 5 different files (that you can find in kits threads in png or bmp):
- shirt
- shorts
- team logo
- shirt bump
- shorts bump

To import these 5 files into FIFA 11 with this tool we have two different ways:
1) MANUAL: this mode has to be activated pressing the MANUAL button and it is the most common for users that were used to import kits in the past fifas. You open the program, you select the team in the left listbox (you can search the time name through the search option), you choose if you want to import home,away,gk or third kit and you click on LOAD button. Now browse for the file you want to import and the program will understand automatically what you are going to import (kit, shorts, logo or bumps) and will import it in the program. Repeat the LOAD operation for the other files that will be always recognised by the program automatically... If everything is fine, just click on PATCH and the kit will be imported in the game.
2) AUTO: this mode is the default one and absolutely the most innovative. With this mode you can immediately click on LOAD (without choosing the team on the list box) and load one of the usual 5 files: the program will understand automatically not only which file it is, but also it will scan the nome of your file and the folder where the file is located. Thus, it will try to understand the team from the filename and it will even try to take by itself the other necessary files from the folder. Once done, if everything went well, you see the right team selected and you can click on PATCH. This process works thanks to the supposition that when you save a png or a bmp, you usually save it with the team name or the team ID. So, if you write Palermo_home.png the program will understand you are going to import Palermo and it will understand if you are importing the shirt, shorts, logo or bumps. Let's suppose you loaded the shirt, then the program will search in the same folder if there are other files called similarly and that can be the shorts, the bumps and the logo.
Obviously this mode works fine if you don't make strange things such as calling a Palermo kit as Catania_home.png. If so, please use MANUAL mode

To finish the tutorial, the SAVE button allows you exporting the kit you selected in rx3 (making this operation much easier than in Texture Editer, for example), png or bmp, whereas the MAPS button shows you the bumps of the selected kit/shorts in the centre of the program...

Enjoy guys and please report bugs or problems!!!

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