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FIFA 11 CSL [Chinese Super League] FINAL VERSION

So this is the Chinese League Patch, and actually I'm chinese. No I mean my grandpa is Chinese, and I think that's pretty awesome to be chinese, celebrate chinese new year every year in February. Okay forget about that, and now you have to focus of this patch article, OK ? This article taken from this link, and thanks a lot to the author :  FIFA Explorer:LAVEZZI featuring VANNUCCHI.

This patch adds Chinese Super League 2011 season to FIFA 11. The detailed features are :
- 2011 Chinese Super League Round 16 forms for starting 11ers
- 2011 Chinese Super League tournament mode & 16 official teams
- 2011 Chinese Super League all registered players & accurate squads
- 2011 Chinese Super League official teams’ 48 kits and 32 minikits
- 2011 Chinese Super League official match ball, kitfonts and 4 adboards
- References:CSL and 16 teams’ official sites. FIFA 2003-FIFA 10 and etc. FIFA Explorer:LAVEZZI featuring VANNUCCHI



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