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Download FIFA 12 Clone DVD P2P Full Version

I think it's really real link to download FIFA 12. So about this download link, I thought it's size is like last year that have 6 GB, but then I realized when I checked it, it's 9.8 GB. Really, really, WOW. Some of you say, I have downloaded FIFA 12 Leaked, is that useful ? . My friend, I tell you, it's waste. Now you can download FIFA 12 for free, why do you still download that leaked that just have 2 GB only.  So now the download link, YEAH !!

And if you wanna download the FIFA 12 Reloaded, that just have 6 GB, but the defect is you can't play online mode. And some reduction I think.

Split File ( 20 Parts @ 300 MB)

Split File ( 8 Parts @ 1 GB Part ) 

Single Link (7.60 GB)

I take those links from here, and here  . So if anything happen, don't blame, because I'm not responsible for any something wrong with the link. If you want to complained, complain to them, not me ok ? All I can do just change the mirror, or add the mirror.  

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