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FIFA 12 Leaked Version Download

This is the leaked version of FIFA 12. It's not a demo, actually it's kinda Full Version but it's just leaked. The weakness of this leaked version is you can only play the Exhibition Match. Nothing more than that..  . And the good for this is, it's only 3.7 GB. My friend, I told you actually it's a small size if you compared to FIFA 12 Full Version that have a size  more than 6 GB. So it's a half size then.  But you can't play career mode, Be a pro, online mode, and so on.  It's look fair for a 3.7 GB size. I told you again, IT"S NOT FINAL VERSION. Final version will come out in 27 Sept at North America, 29-30 Sept for Europe and 1 Oct for the rest. For you that saying, " Oh I wanna play earlier than any of my friend, so I get start earlier, and I wanna play with Ronaldo, he's fucking good, oh Ronaldo !". All the way you need is FIFA 12 Demo for the crack of this leaked version, because without it, it's just like a bullcrap.

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