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FIFA 12 Demo Lagging 100% Solved with D3DOverrider

I found the program called D3DOverrider . Yes, i found this software when I'm playing FIFA 11, and then I try this sofware that I got it from my friend. Before I use this sofware, my FIFA 11 graphic setting (wow crap PC ), but after I use this software my FIFA 11 100% no lagging at all .Even more I set up my FIFA 11 into HIGH, and there is no problem. Look what I say ? It's really brilliant. And you know what more brilliant is ? This software is not just for FIFA, it can also used for every game or program that used 3D. So what are you waiting for ? Get it know !! ( omg I'm like in a commercial) .

Download D3DOverrider v 2.01
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