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FIFA 12 Demo Modded Unlocked DB 1.1 by DOCTOR+/Fidel

Are you annoyed because Nasri and Fabregas doesn't transfered to City and Barca in FIFA 12 Demo ? Yeah me too, but if both of them goes from Arsenal, Arsenal didn't mighty at all. To be honest Arsenal without both of them is very very wick and crap. But with this patch, finally they go to City. ( My say didn't make sense at all ?)

Let's check this patch

1) Updated transfer Nasri to ManCity and Fabregas to Barca, Van Persie Arsenal Capitain, and others little adjustments!
2) Super Messi completely edited on attributes like real (overall rating 99)!
…can see some screens patch below!
3) Others General Unlock to fifa default game settings:
enabled on default:
hand ball foul anabled (or change on menu)
vibration enabled (Unlocked)
DifficultyLevel legendary (or change on menu)
Penalty and extra time enabled (Unlocked)
NetTension to slow (new different physics)
NetShape to triangle (unfortunately not present on the demo stadium but check arena!!)
4) Special players new emotion, in specific situations:
Level emotion for:
Ibrahimovic (41236) versus FC Barcelona (default from EA but i have increased emotion level)
Fabregas (162895) versus Arsenal (added emotion)
Nasri (165239) versus FC Barcelona (added emotion)
Messi (158023) versus Milan (added emotion) …on FIFA full i think versus Real.

Messi overall is 99 ? Are you kidding me Fidel ? This isn't realistic at all. Oh Barcelona is getting more beast and beast and BEAST !
filesonic FIFA 12 Demo Modded Unlocked DB 1.1 by DOCTOR+/Fidel wupload FIFA 12 Demo Modded Unlocked DB 1.1 by DOCTOR+/Fidel fileserve FIFA 12 Demo Modded Unlocked DB 1.1 by DOCTOR+/Fidel Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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