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FIFA 12 Review

Hello and welcome to FIFA 12 Review exclusive in FIFAMAX. So if you want to buy FIFA 12 but you still hestite to buy it or even play it ? Well you've to check this review out to make you sure about it. Lets get ready to rambo !! ( Download link is at the bottom of this post )

What is New Features in FIFA 12 ?
" FIFA 12 Will be revolution " -IGN

"Devastating dribble, more personality "

Impact Engine
Impact Engine is a physics effect which makes the atmosphere more real in FIFA. Feel the sensation of playing FIFA 12 like watching tv  with additional the tactical defensive system, is a system where the AI ​​can be more intelligent and could read the situation and the true injury, make FIFA 12 worth for entry in the list "must haves" you, for those wishing to get info further, or do not understand, could see video impact of existing engines below

Career Mode
Manager Mode renamed CAREER MODEbecause FIFA 12 PC = CONSOLECareer mode itself there are three featuresbe a promanageror be a pro / manager that the feature be a pro / manager is a combination of manager mode and be a proCareer mode was more exciting than everwith the news about the team and manager interviews with the media and player moralsyesnow the player is more real because of engine impact as well because they now can "vent" on the "boss", for example, if star players not played by the manager, he could do protest and if he ignored by the manager, he can threaten to leave the clubthey can also be happy if our manager skills are right and things that are common found in the real world, make your managed experience more exciting than ever, if you want to know more can see the appearence what it wil be in career mode

Online modes

EA claims to have "revolutionized" the online side of FIFA 12. Among the changes is a new mode called "Head to Head Seasons", a variation on regular ranked matches where league points are awarded for winning or drawing matches. The aim is to progress up through ten divisions, with each "season" consisting of ten games. All players will start in the tenth and lowest division, with promotion and relegation based on a target number of points won in each season.There will also be related "cup" tournaments every few weeks. Multiplayer matchmaking has been expanded with the addition of the "flow" mode. This involves choosing various options such as team and line-up before being matched with an opponent. This change is intended to counter the problem of being paired with opponents who choose one of a small number of five-star teams, a situation that often results in repetitive matches between the same few clubs. By selecting a team beforehand, an opponent with similar team preferences to your own will automatically be chosen.There is also the option for players who use the "manual" control method, with reduced AI assistance on shots and passes, to choose to be paired against other "manual" users only. The percentage of games an opponent has finished can be specified too, making it easier to avoid "rage quitters".

FIFA 12 Trailer

What's the new Item in FIFA 12 ?

Etihad Stadium

Juventus Arena

And the new team in FIFA 12 is Chile, Colombia, Cote d' ivore, Egypt, and Peru for International, for Rest of world : Galatasary SK, and Racing Club. By the way we seem to have lost the Czech and Turkish leagues possibly due to the recent match fixing scandal

FIFA 12 Demo
If you want to tested it your self first, just check the FIFA 12 Demo post here

FIFA 12 PC System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 245e
OS: Windows XP, Vista, Win7
CPU: 2.4 GHZ single core
Sound Card: DirectX 9, 10, 11 compatible
Graphics: NVidia GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X1600 at least, GeForce GTS 240 and Radeon HD 3870 recommended
Hardware: Mouse and Keyboard
Network: Internet connection for online mode
Hard Drive: 6 GB to 12 GB

Click here to check the requirement automatically


out of 10Click here for ratings guide
Unrivalled authenticity and broadcast-quality presentation means FIFA remains peerless in terms of its look.
Stadiums look magnificent and the appearance of some players is uncanny, but crowds don't stand up to close scrutiny.
Commentary is varied and games have an authentic buzz about them.
Bold innovation pays off, with a suite of new features that enhance not only your enjoyment of the game but take it one step closer to the real thing.
10Lasting Appeal
With finely-tuned gameplay and a plethora of different modes and online features, you'll be playing FIFA 12 all season long.
(out of 10)

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