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FIFA 12 China National Team

one of my disappointment from FIFA 12 is there is no NT China. Yes, why you do that EA ? Actually I'm chinese ancestry, and I'm really happy when I saw China NT in FIFA 10 and 11. But FIFA 12 ? Oh man, btw to resolve this freakin' problem, I will share you about this patch. Yap, the China National Team. Thx. for Lavezzi for this incredible patch.

Rosters: according to the last bulletin of CHINA FA official site on SEP26TH.
Numbers: according to 2014 WC Brazil qualifying stage match report.
Data: partly for [FIFA 11][FIFAER]2011 Chinese Super League tournament patch
China PR national team players list:
01 Jiang Bo
02 Li Xuepeng
03 Sun Xiang
04 Wu Xi
05 Li Weifeng
06 Feng Xiaoting
07 Zhao Xuri
08 Hao Junmin
09 Gao Lin
10 Deng Zhuoxiang
11 Zhang Wenzhao
12 Zhang Lie
13 Liu Jianye
14 Feng Renliang
15 Zheng Zheng
16 Huang Bowen*
17 Du Wei
18 Yu Dabao
19 Liu Jian
20 Chen Tao
21 Yu Hai
22 Yang Zhi
23 Zheng Zhi
24 Wu Pingfeng
25 Zhang Chengdong*
*already in default DB
Install:Cover and regenerate.
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vxltgmnw FIFA 12 China National Team Mod pijsxqd9 FIFA 12 China National Team Mod
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