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FIFA 12 PC doesnot equal Console ?

First I wanted you to watched this video

 " FIFA 12 is Planned to CONTAIN much more passion and drama by the players Within the range. "

What you see in that video ? Impact Engine ? YES !  And of course we (PC) want that features !
Before I write this article, I write the article about FIFA 12 PC = Console . EA promise it. And I think that will be awesome, if we can taste the features in FIFA 12 PS3/XBOX 360.

But what now ?
Look at this link >>

" Electronic Arts announced that the PC version of the simulator developed for FIFA 12 will not integrate Impact Player Engine , it will be available only for the console versions "

Hmm, thats look promising. What the hell is going on this earth ? EA LIES ? 

I cannot be sure about this, and I'm not totally sure 100 % this is EA write about this.All we can do now, just wait until the FIFA 12 Released. OK ?

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