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I got this article from this site , so you can check it out if you want.
No LAN on FIFA 12 !! I think it will be disappoint us, the FIFA PC Gamers, because finally we can't play fifa 12 with pirated, which is we play it via Hamachi or Gameranger.  I think EA do this to decrease the pirated FIFA. Yes, for so long time I play FIFA with pirated. Because of what ? coz it was so expansive, and FIFA 12 cost 45.86 bucks ( check this out ) , and if you converted to Rupiah it will cost  401,547 IDR. The problem is, I don't have enough money. For all this time I collect money with Tharriel to buy this. And for some reason you can donate to my paypal if you want to. I don't force you but if you want, it's no problem if you want with hearty . What a pleasure if you donate to this blog .

  And you can click the button at left to start to donate, and thank you so much to donate !!

This is the video about EA doesn't want any LAN on FIFA 12, but the language ? Me either, I don't understand the language, maybe it's deustche ? or Sweden maybe because of the Miami 2 Ibiza Song ( but it doesn't sounds like Swedish) ? I don't know, let's check it out !
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