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Super FIFA 11 Summer Patch

Hey guys, welcome to FIFA-MAX blog and now i wanna share you about this patch, yes this patch is all about the Summer Patch, let's see the content of this patch :

New faces:
-Andy Carroll
-Florent Malouda
-Diego Milito
-Romelu Lukaku
-Sergio Aguero
-Edinson Cavani
-Dani Alves
-Cristiano Ronaldo
-De Rossi
-David Luiy
-Edin Dzeko
-Manuel Neuer
-Nemanja Vidic
-Kevin Prince Boateng
-Fernando Torres
-Emanuel Adebayor
-Steven Gerrard
-Alexander Pato
-Ezequiel Lavezzi
-Reto Ziegler
-Aaron Lennon
-Wesley Sneijder
-Arjen Robben
-Gareth Bale
-Lionel Messi
-Luiz Gustavo
-Mario Gomez
-Samuel Eto'o

New kits:
-Arsenal 11-12 (Home-away)
-Chelsea 11-12 (Home-away-third)
-Juve 11-12 (Home-away)
-AC Milan ( Home - Away )
-Inter 11-12 (Home)
-Aston Villa 11-12 (Away)
-Liverpool 11-12 (Home-away-third)
-Manchester City 11-12 (Home-away)
-Real Madrid 11-12 (Home-away)
-Tottenham 11-12 (Home-away-third)
-Man Utd 11-12 (Home-away)
-Napoli 11-12 (Home)
-Marseille 11-12 (Home)
-Barcelona 11-12 (Home-away)

Promovated teams(Germany,Italy,France,England,Spain)
Summer transfers(Not all,only in big leagues)

Download Link


1: Install the patch in fifa 11-game-data folder! CLEAN FIFA!!
2: Run regenerator,and regenerate (take care....)
3: Enjoy,the patch!!

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when he said clean he wanted to say : "do not have any others patches installed"

no, not working,,
it says.
fifa main path appears to be read-only.check file's attributes & make all writable or application shall not apply any changes...
plz help......

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